Dispute: argument, quarrel, debate, controversy or difference of opinion

Disputes.  No one likes them.  But disputes are a fact of life.  How you handle disputes is the key.  And how you handle disputes is our focus.

If you think you should sue, we will present you with alternatives that make sense.

If you need to sue or someone sues you, we will aggressively represent you while, at the same time, seeking the most cost-effective route to resolution.

At all times, we will give you an honest, straightforward assessment of your case so that you can make prudent personal and business decisions.

Growth: the act or process of forming and increasing in size

Growth.  It’s something we all strive for—personally and professionally.  If you are thinking of starting a business, we will help you organize it properly; we will help you with its corporate governance; and, if appropriate, we will help you protect its intellectual property.

Most importantly, we will learn your business from the ground floor to the boardroom so that our advice to you will be consistent with your business philosophy and goals.  We are, after all, business lawyers.

Plan: a design or scheme of arrangement for the future

The future.  It will happen whether we plan for it or not.  Planning for the future, however, is critical—for ourselves and for our loved ones.  We can help you design an estate plan that is tailored to your situation, meets your needs, and fulfills your wishes.  And when the time comes, we can help your executor or trustee administer your estate or

trust.We understand that making an estate plan is a very

personal process, and we will guide you every step of

the way.


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